Carlton House Restoration is a unique source for the restoration of fine antique furniture and the fabrication of the highest quality handmade furniture. Providing services ranging from the realization of one-of-a-kind modern designs to ethical conservation of period pieces, we have been serving the needs of discerning designers, dealers and collectors since 1995.



Carlton House uses traditional mortise and tenon joinery for structural connections in its hand built furniture wherever possible.  As we have learned through our experience as restorers of fine antique furniture, mortise and tenon joints are the strongest, longest lasting joints possible.  Many modern manufacturers use other means such as dowels or biscuits because they are easier and cheaper to use.  However, these means lack the amount of gluing surface, structural integrity, and mechanical strength of the mortise and tenon joint.  Here, a mortise and tenon hold a three-way miter at the corner of a pear wood frame, and a detailed corner of an oak entertainment cabinet.